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Autumn - Nikolina After the summer, sea and sea salt, hair demands a special care, intensive care treatments and poultices, haircutting is also recommended. Autumn is the season carrying the magic paint brush and colouring nature into beautiful tones so you can do the same with your hair.
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Winter - Iva Winter can be very charming, but the climate contrasts – warm and dry air in indoor spaces and outdoor cold and wind make us give special attention to our hair. It is also the season of hanging out, attending fests and ceremonies, so the moment is right for special and fancy hairstyles.
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Spring - Elena Everything is aroused, first rays of sun bring us new energy and our hair also needs new freshness. The time is right for a deep nutrition and intensive hair treatment, some new hairstyle, maybe even a colour, and spring is also the season for the new trends following.
salon salon
Summer - Ivona In the summertime we spend a lot of time outside, exposed to the sun and warmth, we feel the need for some additional freedom and movement and we often seek some practical summer methods to make our hair beautiful, without spending too much time on it. Haircutting and summer look becomes a real pleasure when accompanied with permanent and appropriate care.

Hair care

Hair should be treated properly throughout the year. Each season brings its own drawbacks that leave trace on our hair and this is why hair should be treated in accordance with nature and its seasons, as well as with climate and living conditions of each period. Not until we do so will our hair become healthy, nice, shiny, and adjustable to all kinds of haircuts throughout all the seasons.

Dry hair requires intensive treatments and deep nourishment after each wash, while normal hair needs this kind of treatment only after the colouring and application of chemical preparations.


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