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Color bar

Alexandra Hairdressing Salon again seems to be first at something, and it is better than ever ...what is it about? As you are already familiar with, Alexandra was the first salon with reception desk for booking and reception, and it is now the first salon where you can participate in the small performance of preparation and mixing of hair colours. The Color Bar concept enables each customer to have a better look at colour mixing, being able to choose any shadow at their own choice and also do the mixing. Still, if you are not very skilled at it, you can leave it to our great professional hairdressers.

The inclusion of the Color Bar has divided Alexandra Hairdressing Salon in three interconnected zones - the relaxing and reception zone, created by removing the counter and placing an interesting pleasure-giving sofa instead, the Color Bar zone, and the “working” zone where your hair is actually transformed into a final shape and immediately acquires a new shine. This is what contributes to Alexandra`s name as a synonym for a good haircut!

Frizerski salon Alexandra - Medulićeva 4, Rijeka, tel. 051 317 367