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New products just for him

This is news for THEM – for our alpha males. Alexandra Hairdressing Salon has recently introduced something completely new...something that is for men only. A special line of hair care, hair preserving and styling products – L`Oréal Professionnel Homme which will satisfy absolutely all the criteria set by men to cosmetic industry: beneficial results, scalp care, hair with a natural look, vitality and freshness. This line includes shampoos for various hair types and problems – ranging from normal hair to hair loss and hair control problems. It also offers you styling products like mousse, wax, pastes... and to make the treatment complete Alexandra will also include a relaxing massage in this offer.

However, among these wonderful products special attention deserves to be given to the revolutionary product for covering gray hair, called Cover 5'. It is a colouring ammonia-free gel and covers up to 50% of the hair in just 5 minutes; it does not have a bad smell, and specially balanced hue combination gives hair a really natural look for a long time, refreshing it completely at the same time. It comes in 4 shades which are used depending on the client`s natural hair colour. This is a great opportunity for the men to experience more than just a haircut and go for some novelties...

in Alexandra Hairdressing Salon!

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