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Alexandra Hairdressing Salon is the right place for those who want a new haircut, professional advice or fine hair treatment, and also for those who are into latest hairdressing trends. However, there is one trend which does not undergo any changes - healthy and sleek hair, which is recognized in its colour, shine, vitality and softness.

Hairdressers should be careful to do a haircut which best suits each individual, and not only to follow trendy and modern looks, and this is what Alexandra Salon pays attention to in working with all the customers, approaching each of them in an individual manner, regarding their needs and desires.

So...what haircut is in vogue this season?
Alexandra Hairdressing Salon has prepared some recommendations on actual trends in the world... take a look and find something for you!

Frizerski salon Alexandra - MeduliŠeva 4, Rijeka, tel. 051 317 367